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M. D. Friedman is a poet, teacher, musician, photographer, digital artist and web master from Lafayette, Colorado where he resides with his wife, Mariamne Engle Friedman, and his son, Max.  In the spring of 2006 he retired from teaching in the public education factories to pursue the creative arts.  His fourth book of poetry, Where We Reach, was recently released and combines his poetry with his original photographs and artwork.

He is the founder of the Internet Poets’ Cooperative website which features over 20 free volumes of e-books from poets around the world and over 200 free audio recordings of dozens of Colorado poets reading their own work. His newest web site, http://www.digitaldada.org, represents an effort to explore the transformational impact of digital creation on common culture. His personal web site, http://www.mdfriedman.com offers access to all of M. D. Friedman’s creative ventures.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Digital Poem

Well I did it. Never wrote anything down. The images along with artwork and photos flooded my mind while I was in the shower. I went downstairs and started freestyling the audio. The sounds then shaped the animation. Suddenly I arrive somewhere I had never been--somewhere in the middle of groans, flashing color & splintered text. It's the dada fusion of all my creative pursuits at once. It's a digital poem.  I can't really explain it, it's like a digital art, experimental sound, moving text animation experience. It's The Word

Click to View

If you do like this kind of thing, you can go to my Lulu Store Front to download it for your i-Pod or Windows-based video player.

I need the encouragement.  I feel like out there on the edge on this one. Show me some love.


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Blogger Slice of Blog said...

It starts with the "Word"? Does the frog know this? Did you do this on the fly? Frogs like flys.
Seriously I liked this.

11:16 AM  

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